Monday, January 30, 2012

Little Victories

As I work through this healthy journey, I need to take a moment to notice and celebrate the little things. Like the three times my husband has made pizza and I've chosen to stay the course and eat my own healthy meal instead. Or the fact that although I've lost 11.8 pounds to date I can't tell when I look in the mirror~but the pants I'm wearing today that have been too tight for months (years? Yeah, probably years) are loose. 

My knee has been aching a little when running, so I did an internet search and learned about "runner's knee." I don't think I have it~could I really have it when I'm still just pretending to be a runner? However, I found it interesting that it is caused by the thigh and calf muscles being weak. In order to prevent my little ache from becoming all-out runner's knee, I have been doing a few minutes of conditioning before bed. Mostly just wall sits and calf raises. Last night I added a little (tiny) bit of Pilates. I was laying on my back with my legs raised, bouncing my hands when I noticed definition in my thighs. What? Me? Definition? It made me smile to know that all this running is working. 

When I began this journey, my first run was a five minute walk, one minute run, five minute walk. It was so hard! I am now up to 20-25 minutes of running with a short walk for warm up/cool down. I'm running really slow-probably about 1 1/2 miles in that timeframe. Despite knowing how slow I'm going I can't help but smile everytime I pass the corner (Crestview, for those of you familiar with my neighborhood) where I turn around. I'm still amazed that I can run that far and back without stopping. 

My other big victory is the Y. I called them on the 17th to find out about low income memberships and was delighted at the price we'd pay for a family membership. Let's just say it's less than I'd pay just for childcare at the other local gym! And the Y has a lot more to offer than the other place; a pool, kids' classes, etc. We also get a discount on programs. My next project is to contact them about how much we'd pay for preschool if we move Gracie there next year. We love Gracie's preschool, but the cost is going up next year and we're already stretching it to send her at this cost. I'm hoping the Y is cheaper, since when Gracie's done and in kindergarten Bee will be starting. . . and when she's finally done Jerry will be starting! Crazy to think of that!

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