Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fridley Kids in Action 5K

I participated in my second 5K yesterday. It was a fundraiser organized by my old elementary school and we ran around the park I used to go sledding at, the Community Center where I played soccer, the middle and high schools. Talk about a nostalgic race!

Lining up at the starting line.

Getting Endomondo started on my phone before the race.

And we're off!

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 About halfway through the race I checked Endomondo to see how may pace was going. It was a lot hotter out than what I raced in last week and I was concerned that I wasn't doing very well. I thought I saw only ten minutes to my goal time and was certain I wouldn't make it. In hindsight, I think I actually saw 24 minutes, which gave me 14:22 until my goal. Although I thought I have a mile and half to do in ten minutes and figured that wasn't possible for me I still decided to pick up the pace and try. About a quarter mile farther in I cam across some elementary kids that got upset when they didn't see anyone behind us. They asked me if we were last and when I answered I realized that I wasn't even puffing to answer their question~which meant I could work harder. I picked up the pace again, but had to tone it down when I started to feel like I was going to be sick. I was thisclose to walking part way but saw that I had less than half a mile at that point. 

Approaching the finish line. I knew I was close to last week's time so I was really pushing myself.
I made it!
By the time I crossed the finish line my legs were shaking and I was a little light headed. I sound like a wimp, but it was HOT out! I wore a Under Armor Heat Gear tank top, but I think the race t-shirt counter acted the effects.

Endomondo tracked the race at 3.22 miles and I PR'd at 38.08

Mile 1: 11.21
Mile 2: 12.50
Mile 3: 11.41

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