Sunday, May 13, 2012

Race for the Cure

I ran in my first 5K today! I was a bit nervous about it last night. I went online and reviewed all the race day rules. Not gonna lie, I am big on following the rules, especially with events like this. I was pretty excited to read "No strollers on the running course." Not that everyone ELSE is as big a rule follower as I am, as evidenced by the three or four strollers that I saw on our course. Not that I don't support people that can actually push a stroller and run (I can't!), but there are a LOT of people in this race, and there was not enough space for strollers to be added into the mix.

With my first run completed, I can say I learned a lot about my running habits and what I need in order to be successful. My first big decision was to leave my glasses in the car and wear sunglasses instead. That proved to be a good decision. My next decision was to forgo the provided water at the start line in favor of empty hands. That proved to be a bad decision. 

I was constantly reminding myself to not go too fast, as my two goals of this first race were 1. not to walk at all and 2. to finish at 40 minutes or less. As I was puffing away, getting passed on both sides I kept reminding myself it was my first race and I must be at least halfway there. Then in the distance I saw a sign. A huge sign, but without my glasses it took a while before I could make out that it said. . . 1 mile.WHAT?! Right about then I started questioning myself. Wondering if I'd make it without walking. Scolding myself for skipping over the water bottles. 

Each cheering section helped a bit.

I did make it the whole way without walking. I tracked everything with Endomondo, which actually told me that the race was 3.24 miles instead of the assumed 3.1. My final time was 38.22, which made me very happy. 

My splits: 
Mile 1: 11.42
Mile 2: 12.16
Mile 3: 11.55

Considering my training pace for a mile is a little under 14 minutes, those elevens were pretty exciting! I guess peer pressure can be a good thing too, as I'm certain it was because of the pace around me that I achieved those numbers. 

All in all, not a bad first race. Race #2 is Saturday.

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