Sunday, August 5, 2012

Color Run MN

 I was so excited for the Color Run on July 15th! This race was the reason I started running. Which lead to me joining Carrie's invite for Lose It! Which is how I've now lost 47lbs, and counting. I was extra excited that our team rode to the race together. The pic above was taken right after we checked in. 

 There were so many people registered for the race that they opened up more waves of runners. They sent about 100 runners every ten minutes from 8:00-11:00! I was so happy we all got into the 8:00 wave. There was a heat index, and it was H.O.T. outside! My goal going into the race is always not to walk at all. My secondary goal is to PR. Since it had been over a month since my last 5K, I wanted to finish at 35 minutes or less. 

Our first K brought us to the orange station. Although I wanted to get REALLY colorful, my time was a bit more important to me, so I just kept running. I kept my camera on and just took pics as I ran. Above is one of the volunteers with bottles of orange, squirting runners. Below is what it looked like in the orange cloud of paint dust (it's colored cornstarch). Some of the clouds were more dense than others. I couldn't see anything at all as I ran through blue!

After the third or fourth K, I just couldn't run anymore. I was really disappointed, but I had to walk a bit. I walked about 3/4 mile, and came in with a time of 38 minutes flat. While that is a race PR, I've run faster than that in solo training so I was really bummed. Especially because if I hadn't stopped to walk, I probably would have hit my 35 min goal. Oh well, it was really hot, and I really don't run well in extreme heat. 

The finish line was near the Grandstand at the State Fair Park. We then walked into the Grandstand for the group color throws. I knew my group was walking, so I'd have time to mosey around before catching up with them. I planned on taking pictures of the first color throw I was there for and saving my packet of color for when I found my friends. Then they announced that it was the first color throw of the day and I decided it would be pretty cool to be a part of that. Total, I was there for three color throws while trying to find my group (note to self, set up a meeting point!).  

Waiting for the first color throw.
Color Run MN's photo of the first color throw.

Color throw~from the inside.

After I met up with Erin and Carrie we went in for another color throw.
Our after shot, while looking for Margaret and Jon.
In the Grandstand bleachers, scanning for Margaret and Jon.
Our whole colorful team!

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