Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pepperfest 5K-Results

Well, the chip times are in. My "official" time is listed at 33:13.504. Like I mentioned in the last Pepperfest 5K post, I disagree with this as the route was longer than 5K. The finish line should be moved to make it 3.1 miles. I know there is a 1mile fun run, but I think runners that do a 5K or 10K are more serious about their races. Anyway, I came in as runner number 101 out of 155-I think. Although I am looking at the 5K results page, there are about 45 people with -10K after their names mixed in. I guess that's the best I'll get for this. I'm still subtracting .11 miles from my Endomondo time and using that for my personal tracking!

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