Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pepperfest 5K

 The Pepperfest 5K was this morning. As you certainly know if you are an avid reader of my blog, my primary goals for every race are first to not walk at all and secondly to PR. After such a great race last week at the Gopher to Badger, I was a bit concerned about meeting my secondary goal today. Add in that this course has not one, not two, but THREE challenging hills, and I was pretty sure I was not going to PR. I have been running this course since I signed up for the race, and hadn't yet been able to run the whole thing! I came close a couple of times, but not all the way. This was my second chip timed race, but I was surprised at how different these chips were from the ones used at the GTB (Gopher to Badger). In the above picture, you can see two chips. One is a transparent square that was to be pinned to the race bib. The second is the blue strip, which was to be pinned on the left hip area.

 The race got off to a late start, but while we waited there were a few hot air balloons to watch. One of them was so low, I could actually see the people in the basket!

There was a one mile fun run before the 5K. Once they came through the finish line, the 5K and 6mile races started. They were basically the same course, but the longer race kept on going for a few more miles where the 5K turned around. When I reached the turn around, I didn't see anyone continuing on. At this point, my issue is that this race was not actually a 5K. A 5K is 3.1 miles, but this race was 3.22. My final time, according to Endomondo was 33.16. If I split the .22 in half and use that added on to my mile times, I come in at 31.30, which is a new PR for me. That shocked me, with the hills on the course! I certainly did push myself for the last mile or so, and sprinted the last .3 mile. It's strange, although I beat my GTB time, I felt amazing after the GTB. Now I'm just tired. Probably because the band didn't stop playing until almost 1a.m. this morning, and I couldn't sleep while they were playing. I'm thinking in the future, we will go out of town over Pepperfest weekend!

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