Friday, October 26, 2012

Today's Run

I went on my longest run yet this morning. I was a bit nervous, as it's the first long run I've tried to fit in before work, but it was fine. I left myself an hour and 15 minutes to complete six miles. I figured my PR for a 5K is a little over 31 minutes, and it would probably slow down from there with the longer distance. My typical pace is a little over an 11 minute mile.

I headed out at 5:20am. I have started using Fit Radio again, as I don't have much music on my phone, and little of what is loaded is fast enough to power a long run. The one drawback of Fit Radio is that I can't hear the audio from Endomondo when it tells me my lap times. I completely missed mile one. When I heard mile two, I figured I had mis heard the little voice. Mile three came through loud and clear. 8:38. Whaaa? I figured Endomondo had some type of glitch at that moment. NO WAY was I running that fast! I wasn't even puffing, it was my "happy pace." Well, here are the final lap times from Endo:

(click on image for larger view)
I am completely amazed. A year ago I would have laughed in your face if you had told me I could run a mile, let alone in a little over eight minutes! I am beside myself. I am so glad I started the "Couch to Half Marathon" training. Although, I think it's misnamed. It should be called 5K to Half Marathon, as the first run is three miles!

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