Sunday, December 30, 2012

Racing Plans

As I was planning for my running in 2013, I had my sights set on increasing my distance. I started the "Couch to Half Marathon" training guide, and was all set to be ready to run my first half on New Year's Day. I planned on joining Team Ortho's Monster Series and running four half marathons this year. I thought perhaps I'd throw in a couple of 5Ks just for fun, but the half was my monster to conquer this year.

That has not panned out according to my plans. When I logged on to register for the Monster Series, I was floored at how much it costs. It would be over $200 for just four races. Yes, their gear is awesome and with increased distance is increased need for medics and course volunteers. I get that. However, they have no payment plan option and it's just not possible for me to drop that much money into a hobby all at once. As soon as I made that discovery, I felt my motivation waver. Why run, I don't have a race coming up. Slacking. Ugg. Sleeping in and being mad at myself all day for not getting out there and running. 

My cousin, Michelle is on board for another Color Run, which helped my motivation a bit. But, that's not until July. I thought about a local 5K and a friend of mine told me about a much cheaper local series. It's actually seven races, but three of them are past. For just $20 I can join the last four. I am really excited about this, as I'm already more excited to get out and run. If I can PR in the winter, imagine what my pace could be in the spring when I'm not tromping through all the slush! I already emailed the race organizer, and as soon as I know I have backup childcare lined up in case my husband has to work I will be signing up. I like having one less 0 on that number!

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