Saturday, February 4, 2012

More Little Victories

When I began running I figured I'd end up quitting right away. I've always avoided running, even when I was in sports in my younger days. A few weeks into it, I realized that it was working for me, and it wasn't going to go away. I decided I may as well invest in things to make it even more enjoyable. I got some new, but cheap running shoes that I only use when I'm working out. I shopped on Under Armor's clearance site and ordered some ColdGear. I was delighted that the turtleneck and pants I ordered actually fit-because, let's face it, I'm not exactly the shape of most athletes that shop there. I also got a running vest. The vest fit on top-I could snap it at least, but I could not zip it over my belly. I didn't let it get me down, and dreamed about next winter when I'll put it on and it'll be way too big. Well, today it zipped. It was still quite snug, don't get me wrong, but the point is IT ZIPPED.

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