Tuesday, January 22, 2013


We are having a bit of a cold spell here in the upper midwest. School is actually canceled today as the windchill (how cold the air feels) is hovering around -35. Needless to say, I did not want to run outside today. I skipped all my exercises yesterday and don't want to get in a rut, though. I have been corresponding with a rep from the YMCA, trying to get a super cheap membership, but that's not going well so outside is my only option right now. 

I was scheduled for a five miler today, but let's face it, whomever made that "Couch to Half Marathon" training plan probably didn't anticipate someone running in -35 degree weather. I decided to bundle up and take it slow. When my cheeks started to get cold, I turned around. On my way home, I was trucking up main street when a semi driver honked at me and literally took his hands off the wheel to make fun of me. I was mad at first (who does he think he is!?) then I got a good laugh as I thought about where he'll be in five years~sitting in his truck, probably eating fast food, gaining weight, and making fun of people that exercise~compared to where I'll be in five years~more fit than any point in my life and probably running half marathons like it's a quick trip around the block. Go ahead and make fun of me, trucker! I ran up my driveway with three miles on the tracker. Fine by me, I was aching for a hot shower by then. 

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