Friday, January 4, 2013


When people find out I run, they usually say that they could never do it. I was one of those people. It's embarrassing to admit that I would slack a lot in all my athletics growing up when I was asked to run. I had the mentality that I'm just not a runner. I don't/can't run. When I signed up for the Color Run and realized that meant I had to start running, I completely panicked. What some people don't seem to understand is that it's about building upon previous runs. No one can just go outside and run nine miles after never running. It takes time and investment. I started by using this Couch to 5K program. Notice the first day is a five minute walk, two minute run, five minute walk. That almost killed me. I was using my cell phone for a timer and must have checked it at least fifteen times in that two minutes. A year later, I'm up to nine miles. Now you just have to decide-is it worth it to you to start?

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