Monday, January 7, 2013

Sunday's Run & Today's Workout

Today was my cross training day, but yesterday was a recovery run. I was scheduled to do three miles, but didn't want to go down to our "Lakefront" area (it still confuses me that it's called Lakefront when it's a river...). When I got to downtown, where I usually turn into the Lakefront park I remembered why I don't run downtown during daylight hours. It's too crowded with window shoppers (as it should be) to actually keep a pace without running someone over-literally. I quickly turned around and ended up getting home at 2.6 miles. I decided that was good enough for a recovery run. 
Yesterday's route, splits, and graph.
For my cross training today I did the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans Bootcamp. It's a six week series that I started last week. I did the eight sprints a block over from my house because it isn't a hilly road like the one I live on. Boy did I feel silly, but luckily it was 6 a.m. so no one was around. I admit I skipped the Mountain Climbers, but solely because it was too loud to do in my upstairs bedroom without waking up my family. I added in situps and pushups from the Sisterhood's Fab Abs Challenge, planking following the Plank Challenge, and squats from the Holiday Squat-A-Thon, which I am continuing monthly. As of right now, I am 34 calories over budget for the day. If I have energy once my children stop fighting bedtime, I plan on doing a Kettlebells workout before bed too. 

I am frustrated that I have been stuck on this same plateau since the summer. I only have about twenty pounds left! Ugg. I have amped up my workouts (as you can see above), and stay at or below my calorie budget every day and still nothing. I binged over Christmas break, hoping that once I got back on track my body would adjust and I'd start losing again. Two or three weeks later, here I am, still at 160.5. At least I'm not gaining. 

Tomorrow I am scheduled for a four mile tempo run, 30 second plank, 12 pushups, 30 situps, and 55 squats. 

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