Sunday, January 13, 2013

This Week

This week did not go as planned, to say the least. I planned on running 4 miles on Tuesday, 4 on Wednesday, and 5 on Thursday. Off Friday and 11 on Saturday. Our van was pronounced DOA late last week, and I made an appointment for our car's oil to be changed on Tuesday. My husband was sweet enough to drop it off at the shop and walk home from work on Monday night. Then Tuesday morning I realized I left a bunch of work stuff in the trunk. I set off on my run, trying to figure out how I'd squeeze in walking to the shop to pick that stuff up and still get to work on time. I ended up cutting my run short to get the supplies and only ran 2.52. However, I also walked to and from work, which was another two miles round trip. Not as much running as I'd like, but at least I got exercise in. 

Wednesday was also cut a bit short, logging in at 3.25 as I overslept. This run was particularly interesting, as I actually fell. As in there I am running, and suddenly I'm on my stomach in the middle of the sidewalk. Apparently it's optional to shovel our sidewalks around here, and the area I was running recently had a snowplow go through, adding those lovely icy snow chunks that plows like to throw around. My left toes got caught on one of those chunks, and down I went. Luckily I was able to get my hands in front of me. Unluckily, I had just taken my gloves off. My right thigh landed on another one of the icy snow chunks and my left knee hit the pavement. Hard. I have a few bruises, but the biggest one is simply my ego. I get people telling me daily "I saw you running the other day!" and I am still wondering when someone will tell me "I saw you fall the other day!" Oh, the embarrassment. 

I had a hard time sleeping in Wednesday night and ended up completely skipping my Thursday morning run. Are you keeping track right now? So far I'm down 6.23 miles from my training plan for the week. I was determined to get back on track. Friday I logged into MapMyRun and created a course for my scheduled 11 miles Saturday morning. I was completely excited to get this run under my belt. I got up on Saturday morning and slid out of my front door-after throwing myself against it to get it unfrozen to the door frame. My porch was glare ice. This was going to be interesting...I started off on the course I plotted at an easy tempo. As I neared the gas station, I started feeling like I needed a restroom break so I ran up to the door. Not even open yet (perhaps a sign that I run too early?). I decided I'd loop back along my course and detour to my house quickly to use the bathroom. As I ran, I was sliding everywhere. I would have been better off with ice skates on. There were also places that we deceiving as they looked like regular ice, but were actually puddles that were barley refreezing. This meant when I stepped on them my foot crashed through the top ice layer into the cold water below. With about a half mile to my house I decided enough was enough. My feet were frozen and soggy, I really needed the bathroom, and I was basically miserable. Ironically, my body was excited for the run, and I felt physically disappointed when I decided I was done for the morning and would try again at my kids' nap time. I ended up working on my papers for National Boards during nap time because, let's face it, that's a lot more urgent than my running. I'm paying a lot of money to do it and it has to be mailed in by March 31st. I haven't even signed up for a half yet, I can just pick up where I leave off when I'm ready. My total for Saturday was a pathetic 1.67 miles. So here I am, 15.56 miles short of my weekly training goals. Yea me. sigh. 

On a happier note, the scale was finally nicer to me and told me I lost half a pound this week. Hopefully I didn't mess that up with my mediocre training. Next week is a new week, and I have my first 5K of 2013 on Saturday. This week was a huge, challenging obstacle that knocked me down. But I'm back up and ready to hit the pavement tomorrow. Hopefully not how I hit it on Tuesday though.

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