Sunday, January 27, 2013

This Week

It has been a very cold two weeks here. We're talkin' actual temp at or below zero and windchills as cold as -35. Because of that, it has been extremely hard to motivate myself to get out of my warm, cozy bed and hit the pavement. As you can see from the chart below, I've skipped quite a few runs lately. Part of me is disappointed in that, but I have to look at it realistically as well. After all, I do have a full time job, family of five, and house to tend to as well as running, and they have to be my priority.

I started out last week pretty well. I had run the Frosty's Hustle on Saturday and skipped my recovery run (bad idea). Monday is my crosstraining day, and I also had off of work for MLK day. Tuesday dipped to -34 windchill, but I managed to get out during naptime, as school was closed due to the weather. Tuesday night I got extremely sick, and ended up being up for a couple of hours. Being functional at work was more important that my run, so I slept in instead. I signed up for the Runs for Cookies virtual 5K on Friday, and used that as motivation to get myself out of bed on Thursday as well. Yesterday I was supposed to do 11 miles, but just didn't have the time with Gracie's Awana Grand Prix at 9, and we hadn't finished her car yet! I did manage to get out for a quick three miles at nap though. I got two miles in this morning and am ready for a productive week. This Saturday is my second 5K of 2013, and I am hoping to PR. I decided that I'm adding another goal to my list of running goals for the year; I want to run a sub 30 min 5K. I'm apprehensive about this goal because I am currently signed up for only four more 5Ks, and three of them will occur before the snow and ice melt. I'll have a couple months off between those three and The Color Run, in July-which will be very hot, and I don't run as well in heat as I do in cool temps. We'll see, it may be a stretch goal, but I am certainly going to work for that once the ice is melted away. 

On a side note, I also had a huge milestone last week. I went to a local store that is going out of business and picked out some new clothes. A year ago, I was barely able to zip size 18 pants and needed to decide if I was going to go up to a size 20 or do something about my situation. My tops were a size XL or XXL, and getting tight too. Last week I bought two pairs of jeans and a sweatshirt. The jeans are size TEN and the sweatshirt is a MEDIUM! I guess I have been getting smaller despite the fact that the scale has not been telling me what I want to see at weigh ins! 

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