Saturday, February 2, 2013

2013 Goals-Monitoring

With my second race of the year under my belt, and my sub-30 minute 5K appearing within reach, I decided I should check in on my other 2013 goals and see how I'm progressing. It seems like a good time to do this, one month into the new year. 

Here we go: 
RUN A HALF MARATHON: I have not signed up for a half yet, but I have looked into a few options. I have to wait until I have more funds to sign up for such a long race, they are expensive!
RUN 1000+ MILES: I am way off track on this one. I took my total mileage from RunningAhead and divided it by the five weeks of 2013 so far. After multiplying that by 52 (weeks in the year), if I continue at this pace I will be 389.52 miles short of this goal! Woah! I'd better get moving! I blame this problem on my lack of long runs in the last three weeks. I have to get back on track with those, and I hope that because my next 5K isn't for six weeks I will be able to get back to my Saturday long runs. 
GET TO GOAL WEIGHT: What can I say, I've been plateaued since spring and my scale really seems to like the number I am at. I have been buying smaller clothing when I shop, so I know my body is still changing shape, the number just isn't moving. After reading a few articles and talking with people that are also trying to lose weight, I decided that I am exercising to much, and focusing too much on strength training. Losing excess fat requires more cardio, not strength training. That comes after the fat is gone (not that I'll stop that completely, muscle is muscle!) I am cutting back on some of my strength exercises, and focusing more on running. I also joined a DietBet. I bet $30 I could lose 4% of my body weight by the end of February. The pot is over $5,000 right now, and it gets split by the people that succeed in losing the weight. With a lot of work, eating better, and prayer, I am optimistic I will be one of the people splitting that pot!
5K PR: Check! 
10K PR: I haven't signed up for a 10K yet, and they are a little harder to find that 5Ks, halfs, and full marathons. It seems like people jump from 5K to half~ which is huge! I figure I can do the Diva Dash in November again it I don't find one I'm more interested in before then. 
SUB 30 MIN 5K: I am very optimistic about this one, and seem to be focusing on it unintentionally because I'm in the middle of a 5K series. I was 44 seconds from achieving this goal today, and have three more scheduled races this year. 

I guess all in all, I'm in pretty good shape to reach my goals as long as I keep checking in like this every month or so to keep them fresh in my mind. I am a little concerned about the 1000+ miles, but was iffy on if I'd be able to reach that one when I set it. It will probably be the one I am most proud of if I get there. If not, it'll move on to 2014's list of goals!

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