Friday, February 8, 2013

Week Wrap Up

Well, I had a great week heath wise. The military diet worked very well for me, and I am down 7.5 pounds so far this week! I am definitely doing it again next week. When I started all this I put 140 as my goal weight, thinking there was no way I'd get that far. For several months I've been debating if I should go to 130 instead. I think I'll consult a doctor to figure out what is best for me. If I go to 140, I only have 13 pounds to go! I cannot believe I am that close. I'm a bit baffled, I've been working on it for so long! 

I also managed to get out on all my runs this week. I'll admit they were not all as long as they were scheduled to be. The main reason for that is snow. It seems like hardly anyone around here shovels their sidewalk and it takes me significantly longer to run in the 3-4 inches of snow left from the last several snowfalls. I am on a tight time frame to get home and shower for work. Tuesday I was scheduled for five miles but ran 2.93. Wednesday scheduled for four and actually ran 3.44. I was determined to reach my goal on Thursday, and plotted against the thick snow by forcing myself to keep running away from home until I reached two miles. I was quite pleased with myself as I was headed home, thinking I may need an additional trek around the block, but I'd get four miles in. Then I realized I was scheduled for five miles that day. sigh. Time ran out and I had only logged 3.63. Tomorrow I am scheduled for eleven miles. This is the longest I have ever attempted. My current longest is nine miles, and that was about a month ago. I'm a bit nervous as I got pretty bored running nine. I think that was because I didn't want to leave the well-lit downtown area and kept circling. I plan on running a different course tomorrow to try and avoid that. I also have a date with my sister-in-law to take the kids to the Y in the morning. The kids will get some play time and us ladies will get to walk, talk, and Tabata together. I really miss my Y membership, but it was getting too expensive. They keep calling me, asking me to rejoin so I stated if they'd give me a family membership for $50 or less we'd come back. They never replied to that email, but called me today to say they are waiving the enrollment fee for former members to come back. I asked if my monthly would be what I requested and she said based on our income it would be $80. We were paying $60 when we had to quit, why would we suddenly be able to pay $80? Frustrating. I hope they stop calling now. 

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