Thursday, July 25, 2013

Esprit de She

I have been needing new running shoes for a long time. I can almost poke my whole pinky toe out of my Nikes. So when I got an email that if I signed up for the first Esprit de She 5K on 50th and France I would be given a promo code for a free pair of Sketchers GoRun2 running shoes I jumped on it. Honestly, when I think of running shoes, I don't think of Sketchers. When I think of Sketchers, I think of Twinkle Toes and other fancy kids' shoes. I received the shoes yesterday, after my run (of course) so I was really excited to try them out today. I know I'm not supposed to try new equipment on a race, but I didn't feel up to doing a training run this morning and a race this evening and I really wanted to use them!

These are the lightest shoes I have ever felt. It feels like picking up a piece of styrofoam. I held them in one hand and my old Nikes in the other and the difference was amazing. The shoes are made of a stretchy material, so it feels like putting on a comfortable pair of gloves. I was really hoping that despite my break from training I would PR with these awesome new shoes. 

My new kicks!
I dropped the kids off at my parents house and headed to the race. Mapquest said it would take 25 minutes, but I knew there would be traffic so I left their house at 4:15 for the 6:30 race. There was so much traffic that I didn't park until 5:45! I ended up getting so frustrated with the traffic that I parked about five blocks away and walked. People were driving like jerks, cutting into places without even stopping at their stop signs. I even got passed by a motorcycle driving BETWEEN the two lanes. It was chaos!

 I finally made it to the packet pickup table and got my bib. I moved on to the tank top line and asked for a medium. The girl just shook her head no. Huh? I must have looked confused because then she bothered to explain that they were out of mediums. I could take a small, or a large or go to another line and fill out a form to have a medium mailed to me. I took the small. Then I got in line to get the tote bag. When I got to the front, they told me they ran out of tote bags and would have to mail me one. Seriously? One part of me was glad-I didn't have to either carry it during the race or go back to the car. The other part of me was really annoyed-they knew how many people registered, how could they run out? Oh well, at least I should get one in the mail, and I have something to look forward to receiving instead of just bills!

Starting line. 

 The race got off to a 20 minute late start, which was frustrating. Once we were going, I tried to keep a good pace. It felt like most of the people in the race were much more hard core runners than I am. I used Endomondo, MapMyRun, and Pear to track my race. I know, it seems like overkill, right? I used Endomondo and MapMyRun because both have failed me mid-run before and I used the Pear because I haven't used it for a "free form workout" before and didn't know what to expect from it. It kept telling me to run at heart rate zone 2, and every time I check my HR I was in zone 5 (out of 5). Some may think this is bad, but I took it as a positive that no matter how the race results turned out I know for a fact that I ran my hardest the whole time. It couldn't find my foot pod because we waited so long to start so the stats are pretty messed up, but I was in zone 5 for the entire race. Here's my stat line in Pear, which says I ended in 33:27. Endomondo says I finished in 32:58, MapMyRun says I did 33: 21, and the official Esprit de She results say that I finished in 33:04. I'm not sure who to believe. Probably Esprit de She. 

Starting line.

Looking back.
All in all it was a pretty good race. It was sponsored by Athleta, so all racers got 10% off at their store a couple of blocks away. I managed to find a tank and long sleeve shirt that were both on sale and added the 10% off of that. My total was $58! That's pretty good for Athleta. Their clothes are very high quality and the tank was probably $50 on it's own regular price. I'm excited about my purchase, and because I purchased something I got to be entered into a raffle for more Athleta stuff. Maybe I'll win something good! :)

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