Sunday, September 8, 2013

Trout Trot Half Marathon

I reached one of my running goals in September. I finished a half marathon. My training did not go well, so I didn't expect much from this race. However, the course itself was much harder than I ever anticipated. We ran on concrete, asphalt, gravel, grass, and a trail. Every time I would get a good pace going my running surface would change and I'd have to get a rhythm all over again. There was about a mile and a half that was trail running, and there were several hills that were basically straight up. I felt like I was on a stair climber!  

At about 8.5 miles I completely hit a wall. I ended up walking as much as I ran for the last 4-5 miles. Needless to say, I was not happy with the results. Like many runners, I left the race saying "never again," and by the next morning I was saying "I can do better." I don't know if I'll ever do another half, but I'm happy to say I finished-even though I was second to the last!

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