Thursday, January 2, 2014

Photo a Day #2: GOALS

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Today was full of victories, which I am choosing to focus on and be happy about. It's nice to remember how good it feels to make great choices for myself! 

1. Despite not getting to bed as early as I wanted to, I got up and ran this morning. This is awesome for many reasons; it was the first time in a month, the high today was -11, and it felt good. I was planning on doing 2 miles, but only lasted 1.8. Good enough for me, for now. 

2. When I got to work, there was a chocolate truffle on my desk from a student. I put the offending sweet in my purse, brought it home, and gave it to my husband. 
3. My lunch was mostly fruits and veggies (see above), and I managed to resist the gravy for the mashed potatoes AND the sugar cookie-which I know from experience is delicious. Upon getting into the teacher's lounge, I discovered a large plate of cookies someone brought in, but managed to not even sample a speck! 
4. I have gotten my Running AHEAD training program up and running, and plan on using it for the whole year to keep my exercising on track. 
5. Evening is my hardest time; kid food everywhere and my desire not to waste it, my hubs is not on board with eating healthy, so I have to avoid his purchases as well. I came home, ate a French Dip for lunch and two clementines for a snack. That's it. NO SODA!! 

These may not seem like huge victories for some, but they are big to me and I plan on making a big deal about them to help keep me motivated to continue. I also joined the Panera Challenge on Lose It! which will get me eligible for prizes along my journey for the next six weeks. Finally, I am bidding on a FitBit Flex on eBay. I keep getting outbid, because I'm cheap but maybe one will come through eventually. 

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  1. QVC has the fitbit flex on sale and you can use easypay to buy it, which breaks it down into more than one payment.