Monday, March 17, 2014

Love Run & Shamrock Shuffle

I haven't been running very much. The combination of a nasty cold that just won't quit and the intense cold of this winter has made it nearly impossible to breathe while running outside (I hate my treadmill). I have been trying to get back into it though. In February I participated in the New Richmond Racing Series' Love Run. I hadn't run in over a month and didn't have big expectations for the race. I think I was one of the last ones in, and finished at 36:49. I would have been really upset with myself if I had finished at that time last year, but I am so out of running shape that I was just happy that I didn't walk at all, I finished, and even finished faster than my first few races despite the lack of training. 

Last weekend I ran in the NR Racing Series' Shamrock Shuffle. Again, I didn't get out nearly as much as I would have liked and with so much ice, I didn't go far the few times I did go out. I felt better during the run. There were more people, and I was happy that I was able to keep someone in view the whole race-and even saw several people and there were actually 4-5 behind me as well. I thought I must have really improved since the previous month and finished at 36:48. Yes, you read that right, I took off a whooping one second from last month's time. sigh. 

Now that the weather is starting to get nicer during the day, I am dealing with a lot of ice from the refreeze overnight. I have a course I like to run, but it is along busy streets and requires me to stick to the sidewalks-which have the worst ice. I have modified my route to just run around my neighborhood, but I don't enjoy that. A mile feels so much longer when I'm running  in the 'hood, but at least I can run in the street without worry that I'll get hit by a car. It's so dark in those areas that I use a flashlight and the headlights are extremely obvious. It beats waddling along on ice and I'll resume my preferred route once the weather stops refreezing nightly. I have one more 5K that I am already signed up for in July and am looking for cheap local races. I heard about a 5K/10K in May and might sign up for the 10K to get motivated to log more miles. I need to do a bit more research about the race and course before I decide for sure. 

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